My life as a Mum to an angel

New to blogging

Although I have dipped my toes in blogging before on my MySpace account (which I don’t use anymore due to the immaturity on there) I’m still not quite sure what it involves. I have read other people’s blogs and it seems to just be like a journal of your thoughts and experiences. Here is where I fall short. I’ve never really been one to keep a diary or journal but recently have found myself wanting to write down the ideas and ( sometimes strange) things that pop into my head. I came to the conclusion that this is the thing I should probably be doing seeing as I frequently forget the ( sometimes) amazing things that run through my head. As egotistical as it may seem, I think my story may be quite interesting to someone, and who knows there’s probably someone who has had similar experiences or ideas.

I will tell my story in the next section of my blog, at least get started on it because it is rather long-winded and if anyone was to actually read this then I would hate to bore them away or give them information overload.

So, here goes into another area of my life long computer experience. Telling my tale and sharing my (sometimes strange) things….Please feel free to enjoy.


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