My life as a Mum to an angel

Chutes and Ladders

Life is all about chutes and ladders.

It seems that it takes forever to achieve something you can be proud of about yourself or that others can value in you and yet it seems in a single heartbeat we can slide back down to the bottom of our estimations or those of others.

I think though if it was the other way around and we had to fight hard for the bottom of those expectations we would perhaps end up being proud of ourselves for the wrong things.

How is it then that so many people can get it so wrong and persist with behaviour they know is wrong, destructive and bad for themselves and others around them, even those they say they love?

How can they continue to do those things even with the displeasure they see in others eyes and hear from their mouths?

Lack of self-esteem or just plain laziness? Can’t be arsed to climb the ladder but satisfied to slide down those chutes? Really? Come on people where’s the pride and honour to the gifts we have in life?

BTW Hubby and I threw this topic around while watching the movie “What women want” :o)


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